About you, me & them

Dear visitor,

this Blog intends to present artists who are young, motivated and trying to get somewhere (wherever that is). As I know this journey of becoming can be quite bumpy, I intend to remove some stones for them and write about their exceptional art and why they are worth a read and look. I hope you enjoy the artists I have already become good friends with and the ones I am looking forward to meet in the future.

Regarding my own situation: I too am taking this road. Hence, the Blog has been enriched with various other writings, like exhibition reviews and the documentation of my first curatorial endeavours, which I’m doing to profit from experience. This kind of compensation allows me to write freely and independently but is also prone to mistakes. So, bare with me on this journey to a paved (but hopefully still curvy) path!

Yours Julia

P.S.: Please, contact me for any kind of critique, as well as suggestions, views, disbelieves, etc. under julesandart@gmail.com

Further writings:


Reviews of abc art berlin contemporary 

My diploma thesis 

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