This Blog presents establishing artists who are young, motivated, and trying to get ahead on the long and winding road of art making. As I know this journey can be quite bumpy, I intend to remove some stones by writing about their exceptional art and why they are worth a read and look. I’ve either visited them in their studios or interviewed them online. With the help of their insightful knowledge and critical thinkings, I try to squeeze the essence from their works, put the content in relation to what’s happening in our world and sometimes compare it to my own precarious situation as a curator, feminist, and basic human being. By doing so, I want to present art’s potential of being a social seismograph, a frank companion, and the world’s worst critic.

Additionally, I fill the Blog with the documentation of exhibitions I have curated and reviews of other exhibitions.

I hope you enjoy the ride on our curvy and bumpy paths. As William Blake said: “Improvement makes straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius.”

Thanks for reading!

Please contact me under julesandart@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @julesandart

Further projects and writings:

SALOON Vienna: International Network for Women in the Viennese Art Scene

frieze d/e Review: Marianna Christofides 

Belvedere 21: Live N’ Action, Edgar Arceneaux

Catalogue text: Who am I? at ARCC.art

Interview: The Art of Curating and Networking



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